The Ties that Bind Us

For Scarletlady
Hermione Granger / Lucius Malfoy / Draco Malfoy
Explicit - implied non-con, drugging, slavery, BDSM
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An Important Shopping Trip

For: lazy_neutrino
Summary: James Potter goes to Diagon Alley with his mother to shop for his first year at Hogwarts.
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Petals From the Sky


The kisses from Hermione's trip to Bulgaria.

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A Single Day

Genfic: Severus Snape 

For the first Severus Snape Big Bang. 

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Snape's Hair

Genfic: Severus Snape / Cho Chang (G)

100 words on Severus Snape's hair.

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Genfic Pansy (G) 

A series of snapshots into Pansy’s mind during the series.
A Gift For: dragyn_42

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Naught Knitting

Molly/Arthur (R)

Saturday night challenge. Molly and Arthur's secret kink.

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Hermione / Ron (R)

Lavender has plans for the progression of she and Ron’s relationship, but he has other ideas. As he’s mulling over his actions, he comes upon Hermione. Confessions and realizations.

For: Redheadsarehot

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Molly/Arthur (PG-13)

Arthur thinks he finally found the way to get the Prewitt girl's attention.

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Draco/Luna (Adult)

Prompts for the Erotic Elves Het Fetish Challenge: Pansexual/ Fetish Clothing

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View From the Library

When Percy visits the Archives he discovers they have a little problem with a possessed book.
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Over the Counter

One Plus One

The Dursley's reaction to Harry on their doorstep. 
Gen. All ages.

How Mum Came to Work at Durmstrang


When a Durmstrang student questions Pavel Granger's citizenship he feels the need to explain his parent's story.

Truth or Dare 1

Genfic Ginny/Ron (PG)

100 words using the words: essence of donkey testicle, ron weasley, corned beef

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Weekend Getaway

Percy / Hermione (R)

Percy helps Hermione get over her writer's block.

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Merope Gaunt (PG-13)

Merope tells her side of things.

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Bill/Fleur (PG)

Fleur's thoughts after Bills wounding.

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Genfic Hagrid/Snape (G)

30 Minute Fics Challenge 63. A meeting in Knockturn Alley.

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Genfic Snape (PG-13)

The whole story.

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Ginny/Seamus (NC-17)

An encounter in the Gryffindor common room one night.

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Genfic Snape/Dumbledore(PG)

The night the Potters were killed.

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Petunia (G)

A birthday and a surprise at the Evans household. A clue to Harry's family.

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Genfic Snape/Sorting Hat (G)

What if Severus Snape had not been sorted into Slytherin?
100 Word Challenge #171: Snape's Sorting AU

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My entry for the Snape 100 community on LiveJournal. (G)

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Kingsley/Snape (NC-17)

A challenge fic.
Questionable non-con. Bloodplay. BDSM. D/s. Snarky dialogue.

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Molly/Arthur (NC-17)

A teenage Molly and Arthur try to find some time alone to consummate their relationship.
True Love OTP. Fluffy smut.

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Aberforth/Ariana (NC-17)

Challenge Fic. Living such sheltered lives, they have no one to turn to but each other.
Incest. Underage.

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