Bulgarian Bang Christmas

For Kyria of Delphi
Art or Fic: Fic
Preferred Pairing or characters: Viktor, Hermione, Rose, Hugo
Likes: Romance, bonding with the kids, smut
Dislikes: Ron, Snape, Draco.
Prompt: Viktor bonds with Hugo & Rose at Christmas after Hermione divorces Ron

===>One Shot <===

By the Light of the Moon

When Arthur Weasley's actions become erratic after the death of Molly, his children suspect something foul afoot.


For: itsbeenvery

How misunderstanding and assumption can effect two lives.


For Losille2000
Warnings: vomit, nudity, references to STD s, references to historical off-camera non-con, messing the bed, Lucius does not have his movie cane.
Original Prompts: Hermione and Lucius in some historical setting other than Regency. Rapunzel. Abba. ;D

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