Bulgarian Bang Christmas

For Kyria of Delphi
Art or Fic: Fic
Preferred Pairing or characters: Viktor, Hermione, Rose, Hugo
Likes: Romance, bonding with the kids, smut
Dislikes: Ron, Snape, Draco.
Prompt: Viktor bonds with Hugo & Rose at Christmas after Hermione divorces Ron

===>One Shot <===

The Surprise in the Vault

When Harry needs a Curse Breaker, Padma Patil was more than happy to help. When something goes wrong, they both get more than they bargained for.

By the Light of the Moon

When Arthur Weasley's actions become erratic after the death of Molly, his children suspect something foul afoot.


For: itsbeenvery

How misunderstanding and assumption can effect two lives.


For Losille2000
Warnings: vomit, nudity, references to STD s, references to historical off-camera non-con, messing the bed, Lucius does not have his movie cane.
Original Prompts: Hermione and Lucius in some historical setting other than Regency. Rapunzel. Abba. ;D

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